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I, the undersigned, hereby agree to hold harmless the Saddle Sore Ranch, Biker Atlas, Robert Borden and all of their affiliates for any theft, accidents or injuries I sustain while on the property owned by Robert Borden located in Golden Valley, AZ and known as the Saddle Sore Ranch. I furthermore consent to the use of an electronic signature, and by entering my name below, I understand and agree that it will serve as my electronic signature. I also understand and agree that if I visit the property without being currently on the guest list, or after removing myself from it, that I will be trespassing. I attest that the name I am entering is my legal name, and the use of any other name will be deemed an invalid entry. Should I visit the property by joining the list under any assumed name, false name, or any name other than my legal name, I will be trespassing.
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